Some info received from an Idaho hunter:

(Dan Brunett)


     Morels are strange here in north Idaho. They really thrive in 1 year old  burns(I.E., last years forest fires). The first I found were at about 2500  ft in elevation, which is just above the valley floor. As the season  progresses the morels will likely be found up higher and higher. I have  heard of good quantities found up to 5000 ft. in elevation. They grow here in many soils, my first find was in clay mulched with pine bark, but have  seen in sand, and rich river valley soil.

Reports from Boise National Forest have been seen before, it is near the Eastern side of Boise.

Look for burn areas anywhere in the state.

Salmon Chalis National Forest, near the river basin in the valley, rich soil, big, old trees, a good location.

Mushroom haven. Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 16:32:51 -0600. Hello, My name is Sandy we own a Inn in the Mountains of Idaho, our place is in the heart of where the Clear Creek Fire of 2000 was last summer and fall, ( the nations largest fire ) We had a Lady stop yesterday from Texas, She stopped to ask us about the fire area, because I guess the forest service don't like giving out that information to mushroom hunters, the Lady also said we will probably have a lot of people coming to this area in about two weeks, which give us a idea. We know this area like the back of our hand, all the roads, trails, what areas were burnt the hottest, what areas you can access and ones you can't. We are the only business in the area for about 50 miles, we have food, lodging and camping areas. We are going to put maps on Ebay under the heading of Attention Morel mushroom hunters. If you have any input, or know of any one that might be interested our E-mail is Thanks for your time, Sandy Johansen

Morels. Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 11:35:43 -0600. From: Hello from Idaho, Do you know of any map that shows areas in Idaho for mushrooming. We hunt all the time, but in the very same areas. We would like to travel a little and do some hunting in different areas of Idaho. We found our first bunch April 15 this year. Wow. Thanks, Cathy

Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 12:43:31 -0700. From: Dan B. Idaho!!! Found 8 M. Esculenta in northern Kootenai County growing in a pine bark mulched shrub bed. Has rained off and on for 3 days now... real steady all day today... should be a good weekend.

overflowing with morels. Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 15:32:09 -0700. dear sirs we have more morels this year than ive seen in 10 years i live in north idaho-and im looking for buyers can you help? b.thomas. There was a great article in USA Today on April 26 about the commercial buyers that would be throughout the Pacific Northwest. I would post it here except for copyright laws. You can buy a copy of it for less than $2.00. I think that if you check with the forest service in your area, they would know where the buyers are. The article said that the buyers are even using planes to locate the best areas.

Morel Sightings. Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 11:29:09 -0700. Morels are up in Southwest Idaho's Boise National Forest. We found about 50 black morels in about a half an hour. These were located west of Highway 55 about 1.5 hour's drive north of Boise. Over the past two or three weekends only false morels (Gyromitra Gigas and Verpa Bohemica) were showing up. There was rain about 4 or 5 days prior, so that may have helped. Good Hunting. ~~~Bret

IDAHO. Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 12:25:37 -0600. From: Ken G. Central Idaho Payette National Forest. June 10 burn areas. I picked gallons in 2 hours. A permit is needed to pick in burn areas. In areas other than burns they were very hard to find.

Morels in Idaho: Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 22:27:48 -0600. From: Steve This might not be much of a sighting, but I found one very lovely morel on June 11, up by Pomerelle Ski Resort in southern idaho. My girlfriend and I were out for a drive when she asked me to stop and see if we could find a tree that she had carved her name when she was a child. Sure enough we found it, and as we started to walk back to the car, there beneith a pine tree was a morel. We also noticed that some previous campers had thrown a bunch of charcoal under the tree, and that's where it was:) This report is here because it arrived after the Sightings Page closed last year

Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 15:04:08 -0700. From: Michelle. Finally popping up in North Idaho. Found 15 blacks north of Hayden Lake at the base of a mountain. Went higher but seemed way too cold still. It was just getting dark so I'll go back this weekend. Michelle

Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 11:27:19 -0700. Found 22 blacks north of Hayden Idaho. They were growing on south slopes in lowlands along streams and creeks no more than 15 ft from fir trees. Dan in Idaho

report. May 18, 2002. Idaho, North of Hayden Lake. Found 100 + larger blacks in the base of the mountains. Back trails of National Forest Land. It's rained all week, still cooler than usual but hopefully that is prolonging the season. All on West or North Facing hills. Everything I found on the southern hills we dried up crisp. Michelle

Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 20:53:08 EST. Subject: morel -- north idaho. yes-yes-early first morels found in the great silver valley--north idaho--off of i-90-between lookout pass @ fourth of july pass i have the feeling it's going to be a great yr. your morel hunting pard, bo

From: Conrad V. Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 12:59:34 -0700. Subject: North Idaho Morels. A little late reporting - found 6 morels in Clark Fork, Idaho (way up north) April 9th. And still finding 'em

From: Michelle. Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003. Idaho. Saturday, April 19th: North Idaho - Rathdrum area. Found 2 dozen, good size. But only on west facing hills. Couldn't find any on any other hills. We left lots of babies behind for later. Thanks!

From: Michelle H. Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003. Subject: report. Idaho. North Idaho April 22, 2003. 3-4 pounds, all yellows near Canfield Mountain Coeur d' Alene, all on west facing slopes

From: Addie C. Date: Fri, 16 May 2003. Subject: morel findings. Two pounds of freshies in less than two hours on south facing hills in Vassar Meadows North Idaho. Found a cluster of eight 2-4 inchers...sweet! May 15th, 2003 Best birthday present reliably for three years.


I am sure that many other good locations exist here, just a lack of shroomer's to report from this location. Any further help would be appreciated1 Thank you!