Grand Canyon National Park

Along the colorado river, and in among the forested areas, there are Morels there. Timing is essential, moisture, and time of year, it can vary from June to August, and depending on elevation. They are sparse here, but when you "hit" a patch, there will be several.

If you can find an area with an abundance of Cottonwood trees here, you will find Morels under them. They seam to like Cottonwoods out West, as well, as the Elm trees in The East.

Sitgreaves National Forest

One unconfirmed Morel siting here in the 1999 season.(was not a member, and I did not get a reply email)

Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 19:38:58 -0500. Subject: Arizona Mushrooms. You might be interested in the July 2003 edition of Arizona Highways. While I don't see any sightings from AZ, an article features the Arizona Mushroom Club ... 300+ members ... a trek to the White Mountains ... and a picture of a "cavernous yellow morel" on page 51. I'm going now to check out their website. Norm

April 23rd, 2004; jo writes:

Hi, I'm an herbalist and spend a lot of time in the National Forest recording and photographing plants. Today, I was quite stunned when I found a Morchella esculenta. This is a first for me in Central AZ. I looked around and found three more within approx. 50 feet of the first. They are (didn't pick them) growing at approx. 4,700 feet along both sides of a small creek. There are Pinyons, Junipers, Oaks, St. John's Wort, Monarda, Dogbane, Plantain, and Grasses growing along the creek bank.


3.29- 2005