Cantharellus appalachiensis

Photos by: Chris Matherly, Georgia 2004

Photos By: Chris Matherly, Georgia 2005


Common Name: n/a. Cap: pale orange- reddish brown, medium to large, Convex when young, becoming flat, then depressing in the center, and may become funnel shaped. Wavy margin Flesh: Firm, thick, creamy. Not much odor compared to common chanterelle. Gills: Pale yellow, blunt, thick, branched, widely spaced and continue down the stalk. Stalk: Medium, colored pale yellow, smooth. Fruiting: Scattered and clustered on soil. Not too common, found in appalachian mountains, south to Georgia. Edibility: An edible mushroom, with caution, as this is not commonly found, and not many reports of consumption.



Cantharellus appalachiensis-different? Or same?

Photos by: Chris Matherly

Notice the more rounded caps, darkest in the center, not like the top two pictures. Notice the caps split with age, and fade considerably. All of these mushrooms on this web page were found in the same woods. Are these featured on the bottom, the same mushroom as above, or better yet, are any of these mushrooms featured even Cantharellus appalachiensis at all?, since there is not much documentation on them at all, and not found in many field guides. All of the above mushrooms were found in Twiggs County, Georgia in September of 2004.  Additional input is certainly appreciated, including theories, thoughts, more photos, or whatever you may know.