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Mushroom Report 3594

Name: Leszek
General Location / County: north of Toronto
State / Country: Ontario, Canada
Other Mushrooms Found: 17 Boletus edulis
General Information Nearby Trees: My first boletuses this year. Not as many as 3-4 years ago. Hope it will be more and bigger ones in about 10 days. Many of mushrooms contained maggots, but some were totally OK. No other mushrooms were found.

Mushroom Report 3590

Name: Ry
General Location / County: Creeks, near Bloomington
State / Country: IN
Other Mushrooms Found: Cinnabar red Chanterelle
General Information Nearby Trees: First cinnabar red Chanterelles this year found near some smooth Chanterelles, creek bottom land. 6/16/2017

Mushroom Report 3589

Name: Ry
General Location / County: Creeks
State / Country: IN
Other Mushrooms Found: Smooth Chanterelles
General Information Nearby Trees: First nubbins found in creek bottom 6/16/2017, a bit early this year. Been dry but recent rains should get things goings here in the Midwest.

Mushroom Report 3583

Name: Neil Warren
General Location / County: Huntington
State / Country: Texas
General Information Nearby Trees: Was mowing back side of 5acres and saw these. Ive seen them before and knew right away.. have seen others I believe to be edible that are on the grounds as well.

Mushroom Report 3578

Name: Joe P
General Location / County: Grand junction
State / Country: Colorado
Other Mushrooms Found: Few
General Information Nearby Trees: Stumbled on to these yesterday, first west slope grey for me, found at 9100 ft north east slope in dense fir with high mortality. These were fresh but didn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t have chance to look around for more. Chris: No pics...

Mushroom Report 3574

Name: Dottie Maddox
General Location / County: Monroe county
State / Country: Ga.
Other Mushrooms Found: Chanterelles?????
General Information Nearby Trees: Hardwoods in middle Georgia on the ground in leaves and soil. Are these true chanterelles?? Thanks for any info.