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Mushroom Report 2969

Name: Fields
Location: Southern old growth forest
State / Country: Indiana
Morels Found: Yes
False Morels Found: No
Other Mushrooms Found: No
General Information: Left a couple fresh sprouts that will probably freeze tomorrow. Second earliest personal record, March 5th a couple seasons ago.
Comments: or get snowed on....

Mushroom Report 2967

Name: Louie B.
Location: Orange County (Coto de Caza)
State / Country: CA
Morels Found: 4
General Information: Found in backyard where we placed soil amendment and compost, from Aguinaga, back in October. Same thing happened, ten years ago, in soil they delivered for a new raised planter.

Mushroom Report 2958

Name: Rick
Location: Louisville metro
State / Country: KY
Morels Found: 3
General Information: Picked the same patches where I found 3 last Friday. 1 from last Friday was a 3/4 inch black that had grown to 1 1/2 inch today so I picked it along with the 3 new ones. These ranged from 1-2 inches.