Rebecca – Ohio

Hi Chris! Long time, no speak! I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to go to the Fall Forays this year! I wanted to update you on what I was up to. So, I’m currently an Environmental Interpretation Intern at The Cincinnati Nature Center, which is fantastic, although it has consumed almost 100% of my life, which is why I was only able to email you just now. It’s been amazing and I wanted to let you know how much you have inspired me.

In my workplace, I am now known as “the mushroom lady” and have gotten many of my coworkers, colleges and supervisors really interested in mushrooms. I’ve gotten to lead 2 mushroom hikes with their foraging club, comprising of 10-45 adults per session (also, no need to worry because I kept them to only the really really obvious edibles, like chicken of the woods)! One of the women I taught now goes out each warm day into different parks looking for fall/winter oysters and another has photographer over 98 different species since I led a hike in November. I also have directed every person I have led to you and the morel mushroom hunting club and to Filthy Riches. Without you and the Morel Mushroom Hunting Club, NONE of this would have ever been possible. I am so thankful to you for leading and inspiring me.

This spring, I am already scheduled to co-lead a morel foray, a volunteer education session on mushrooms, and a Homeschool Mushroom Science program. My plate is full of mushroom programing! I wanted to ask you if I could share that beautiful photo collage you created that shows the rainbow of edible mushrooms. The one that’s in your power-point? I would certainly give you credit for the photograph. No one has anything comparable to that cool collage!

Hope all is well! Hopefully I will be able to correspond with you even more! Peace, Rebecca Griffiths


Hey Chris, I just wanted to thank you again for sharing your knowledge with Christine and I last weekend.  While we didn’t find too many mushrooms, I did get what I was looking for – knowledge.  Heck, I can find mushrooms anytime (if I’m in the right place at the right time), but knowledge is far more valuable.  We made new friends and really enjoyed your cooking….I wish I had paid more attention to how you fried up the dandelion blossoms, I sure hope the cookbook directions are easy to follow…..I want those again! Regards, Jerry Morton

Jim – Tennessee

Chris –  Thanks for a great time at your morel foray.  You are a great host.  The event was well planned and I can’t believe the mother lode you showed us on Saturday.  The meal on Sunday was delicious and really gave the event a grand conclusion.  I enjoyed meeting everyone.  They were a real diversified bunch from all walks of life.  The boys from Tennessee were a riot.Again Chris, thanks for a great weekend.Jim Finley

Teresa – Georgia

It was so wonderful to meet you yesterday at the Mushroom Club of Georgia meeting.  Your program was VERY  VERY informative and I plan to use that information EVERY time I go out this spring (and thereafter!).  How awesome at the number of morels and the size you and the group found last weekend!  I never dreamed that morels grew so well here in Georgia.  I have seen morels twice in the distant passed, but not until I joined the
mushroom have I seen them since and then there were only a few once again. Once again…. thank you so very much for your presentation.  It was awesome! -Teresa

Sissy J

I am so thrilled to have found your wonderful website. It has been so helpful, and informative, I wish I could access it while I am in the woods! Thanks so much for being there, and answering my questions.

Scott Fears

You have a terrific website that has been a joy for me in the past 3 years, and I feel that I owe you a great amount of gratitude for allowing me and all the other non-members to use it free of charge. I just want you to know I do plan to pay the fee for a membership to your website in the future. Money has been tight for me for a while, but things will be better soon. Keep up the good work!


Dearest Chris, first off let me say You Rock!! The work that you,ve done is nothing short of giant blessing for me to find your site. I am glad to see I am not the only person with the MOREL ADDICTION!! I thank you for your great passion and hard work you,ve done for all of us. I would like to know if at the 75 dollar membership I could get the shirt you offer with the “size does matter” on the back. Keep up the hard work!! I pray We both it the Mother Load this Year Love your web site Shannon Taylor.

Dave – Tennessee

O.K. Chris- I will try and put something together for a newsletter. I am so glad that things are back to normal with the club. Have you considered raising the dues? I mean a good meal cost more than dues in the club. -Dave in TN


your site is tremendous. i don’t know how you compiled so many pictures of mushrooms. I enjoy being a member and can’t wait until they start to pop. i hunt other mushrooms also- hen of the woods, chantis, boletes, and enjoy your information on those also. -Julie Barnes


I invite you to go hunting with me on my land in Kentucky. You have a great mushroom site, and I would like to meet you. I may come to your next foray. Thanks again. -Tom Patton


Chris, you have by far, the most informative site about Morels on the web. Keep up the good work! I will try to help you write a newsletter this year also. -Anthony Collins

Laura – Michigan