Filthy Riches

UPDATE!!!! May 28th, 2017: Sign this petition for a season 3 of Filthy Riches!


Filthy Riches Comments:

  • Krista My thirteen year old son is a huge fan! It’s pretty much the one tv show we watch.
  • Matthew Guglielmi- Keep this show going, best show I’ve ever seen and it’s very educational as well as
  • Ken Johnson- Get it done.. watched both seasons twice on netflix.. and that doesn’t include when I watched it on nat geo.
  • Tasca Curtis- It’s an awesome show the whole family loves watching it please keep it rolling!
  • Jane Juve- Please keep Filthy Riches on. It is different, and so fun.
  • Doug George- Very cool and intersting show. Shows people how to actually live and make money unlike the superficial, materialistic garbage we see on so many channels nowadays.
  • Todd- Please do a season 3, and 4, and 12! Lol
  • Steven Kelsey- Love the show especially the mushroom hunting!
  • Brian N- Chris has and Levena have impacted not only thousands of people in the USA but Tens of Thousands in numerous other countries. It is simply a FELONY to not have them continue with as many eager fans they have made. If not “Filthy Riches”, why not do just a Mushroom and Foraging show all on its own? It would be a huge hit! I’m shocked that Discovery hasn’t been in touch with Chris by now! Don’t be a fool Nat Geo!
  • Chuck Ferraro- You need to bring Chris back! He is one of the main reasons I watched the show !!!!
  • Nicholas Neal- This show was absolutely awesome and entertaining!!! Bring back not only a season 3 but 3-15!!! I’ll watch every one of them along with my numerous family and friends.
  • Brandy Aultman- Great show that needs to stay on TV so do not take it away please.
  • William Pinkstaff- Please continue one of my favorite shows particularly the mushroom hunters!
  • Marsha Sebetto- Please keep this show on!! The great outdoors with the mushroom hunting. Morel mushroom segment is the best!!
  • Olivia Marigliano- BEST SHOW ON TV!!!!!!!
  • Diane Thompson- My family loves the show , we learn so much about mushrooms which we love to find and eat ! .we also enjoy watching the shows , please bring them all back for another season.
  • Mark Morse- Please do another season and please expand the coverage of mushroom hunting!
  • Mary Ann- Love this show. Have watched seasons 1 n 2 several times. Impatiently waiting for a new season.
  • Gary Rayhill- Great show!! Chris needs to appear more often though.
  • Lane Ross- This is one of the best shows I have ever watched hands down my favorite bring it back!
  • Gary Noland- Keep this show going. Been wondering what is National Geo-graphics hold up.
  • Mark Bergeron- I love this show.!!!!! That’s f***d up that u can not do another season but u can put on bullshit like brain games…..come one u f****ng liberal retards do the right thing. Season 3 we demand it!!!!!!!!!
  • George Holdcroft- One of my favorite all time shows. We need at least one more season!
  • Joyce Hutchison- Keep this show. It is about real people doing real things. We need the good earthy shows. Very educational on an everyday level.
  • Joni Cooperrider- I LOVE this show! I enjoy watching each of the different people featured! From hunting worms to hunting mushrooms, I have learned a great deal about our natural resources and truly enjoy the show. Please do another season! Just a suggestion but arrowhead hunting would be great to feature as well.

My new motto: “There is Food Everywhere”!- Chris Matherly, Forager & Guide

Filthy Riches show

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National Geographic TV new show Premiered April 20th, 2014- “Filthy Riches”

Season One starring Chris and Levena. Season One is available on Netflix now
Watch Filthy Riches Season 1 on YouTube

Season Two has now aired! The final episode aired Wednesday June 24th on Nat Geo. It is available on YouTube right now! It will also be available on Netflix soon.
Watch Filthy Riches Season 2 on YouTube

Filthy Riches Just The Mushroom Hunting Parts