Finding Morels in Florida is like snow falling in Florida, it happens, but maybe only once every 10 years. Since I live here, I have scouted many areas. Boletes and Chanterelles are plentiful, but Morels need a freeze to stimulate their mycelia. I have been told that they have heard of reports from around the Camp Blanding area, near Starke, I have not found any now, and now it is a military site, no access. My best guess would be up in the panhandle, Apalachicola National Forest, and Blackwater River State Forest.

Timing is a problem, as Florida is usually dry in January and Febuary,and even March sometimes. This is when it would be a prime time for Morels here. In Gainesville, where I live, I see Red Bud trees blooming as early as the end of January. This is one of the signs to look for to show the Morels could be up, followed by Dogwood trees. I also think it is possible for Fall Morels, just like they have occured in Texas.  I always have my eyes "peeled" but no luck as of yet! It is also dry here in the fall. Now Summer, however, it rains every day.

If anyone has found any here, or knows someone who has, please inform me!