My HOME state! I go back every year if I can to my same old, dependable, reliable, "honey holes". Guaranteed to produce Morels year after year. This is where it all began for me! I was about 5 years old, just moved to a new neighborhood, that had an endless, (it seemed to a five yr old) woods behind us. I was always outgoing, so was over at the neighbor's houses all the time, getting into things I am sure. Anyway, I one day went with them back in the woods, which I did on my own a lot as well... They said they were going mushroom hunting. I thought to myself, "this sounds fun!" and tagged along. It wasn't long that they started finding some, I thought looked liked a brain. Well, I got the fever immediately, when I found my first one (that I had just accidentally kicked over with my big shoe). Now, have been hunting them ever since.

Hoosier National Forest

Absolutely loaded with Morels. Just take one of the many hiking trails, you will most likely do well if you even stay right on the trail, or venture off for even better results.

Hemmer Woods Nature Preserve, North of Evensville.

Greene-Sullivan State Forest near Linton.

Morgan-Monroe State Forest near Bloomington.

Shrader-Weaver Nature Preserve just North of Connersville, I have personally found many there.

Brookville Lake area, all of the surrounding parks-Quakertown, Mounds, Whitewater, all have morels in the wooded areas around the lake.

Tippecanoe River State Park in the North near Rochester.