Morels From Spain/ Italy

Dear Chris, finally I have obtained the photos of Morchella that I promised to you !

One is a very typical species of the forests of oaks of Girona (Catalonia, SPAIN), in the Mediterranean coast. Its popular name is "múrgola de carbonera" (coal morel)and its scientific name is Morchella elatoides, described by recently disappeared french specialistic, Emile Jacquetant, who indeed found it in Girona.

Most peculiar of this species it is his high variability when growing. First it is of gray and very conical dark color. Later, when growing, she is become more cleared and from color straw.

Like all morel, it is very appreciated and looked for by the fans, reaching very high prices, around 40-50 $ the kg.

Here is a link to his website, as he is the President of the Mycological Society there:

Morchella elatoides (young)                           Morchella elatoides (matured)

"múrgola de carbonera" (coal morel)

Morchella conica

Morchella conica var. deliciosa

Both are different growing stages of Morchella elatoides

Morchella elatoides (young)


Slender variety of Morchella elatoides


Morchella esculenta var. crassipes?               Morchella elata (same as US)

Morchella esculenta var. rotunda (roundish head)

Morchella conica var. costata


Morchella elata Fr.: Fr. (= M. conica). It grows from end of winter to principles of the summer, in all class of forests, orchards, plantations, coal bunkers, etc. Very variable. Catalan popular name: "múrgola negra" (black morel).

M. deliciosa (Fr.) Jacq. Difference of the previous one by being of pink grayer color and having the ribs that are stained of reddish. It grows in spring in oaks woods (Quercus ilex). Popular name in Catalan: "murguela"

M. elatoides Jacq. Discovered for science in Catalonia. It grows in spring in oak woods and coal bunkers. When younger it is of dark color, gray black, and when growing it becomes from color straw. Popular name in Catalan: "múrgola de carbonera" (morel of coal bunker).

M. esculenta L.: Fr. (= M. vulgaris). It grows in spring (of March to May) in meadows, fields, margins of ways, dunes, etc. Popular name in Catalan: "múrgola grisa" (grey morel).

M. rotunda (Pers.: Fr.) Boud. It grows in the very humid springs, forests of shore. Popular name in Catalan: "múrgola rossa" (blend morel)

M. rigida (Krombholz) Boud. Joint such habitats and time that the previous one. Difference to have the polygonal alveoles and a waxen consistency. For some authors one is a simple variety. Popular name in Catalan: "múrgola rossa" (blend morel)

M. crassipes (Krombholz) Boud. Resemblance to the previous ones, is characterized by its great measures, that can arrive at the 30 cm of height. Popular name in Catalan: "múrgola grosa" (big morel).

All of them very are looked for and appreciated like eatable, reaching prices in the market of up to 100 $ / kg.