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Mushroom Report 3401

Name: Ryry
General Location / County: Creeks
State / Country: Indiana
Other Mushrooms Found: Oysters
General Information Nearby Trees: Finding bigger yellows/greys in many places. Black cherry, Sycamore, of course Elms. Creek bottoms. Also found some at the base of White Oak. And for all y\\\'all pulling Ramps, you need to do some research on the life cycle and NOT take the bulbs. Pulling the whole plant is not sustainable!!! People harvesting the whole plant is the reason why they\\\'re in decline in many places so STOP.

Mushroom Report 3397

Name: Carly Gravning
General Location / County: South East South Dakota
State / Country: South Dakota
Other Mushrooms Found: Dryad saddle
General Information Nearby Trees: Morel season just starting here in SE South Dakota. Found these small ones yesterday. Still early so should see biggers ones in the next couple weeks.

Mushroom Report 3396

Name: Lisa
General Location / County: North facing hill in the woods
State / Country: Northern indiana
General Information Nearby Trees: All about 4 inches pictures because I gave them to a lady who had only found 2 this year. Made her day and a new friend to hunt with. Greys healthy fresh!

Mushroom Report 3392

Name: Forager
General Location / County: SWMO
State / Country: MO
General Information Nearby Trees: I\\\'ve been finding them since March 23. I thought they might have been done last week, but found a handful of big ones after work yesterday on west facing slope in the Ozarks in a new spot. Hope to get more on my day off tomorrow.

Mushroom Report 3390

Name: Kevin
General Location / County: Cascades
State / Country: California, Shasta Co.
Other Mushrooms Found: Gyromitra
General Information Nearby Trees: Early flush for my area. Blondes are usually first up, most of today\\\'s find was \\\"patchy\\\" couple here,couple there. Should move up in elev until June...even July with the rain we\\\'ve had. Look\\\'s like a great season here!

Mushroom Report 3385

Name: Eric Chandler
General Location / County: Lakewood
State / Country: Washington
Other Mushrooms Found: Oysers, Zeller & Yellow-Fleshed Boletes
General Information Nearby Trees: Morels found at edge of trail underneath an old Hawthorne Tree. Oysters were growing on a dead Scotch Broom. Boletes were in heavy Moss under Doug Firs.