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Mushroom Report 2993

Name: Rick
Location: Louisville
State / Country: Ky
Morels Found: 7
General Information: 1st hunt following our sub freezing temps this past week. Didn\\\'t know what to expect. Found 7 blacks and left the 2 smallest to see how they will grow. The 1 on the far right suffered from a frozen tip.
Comments: nice

Mushroom Report 2987

Name: Nicholas williams
Location: Nevada mo
State / Country: Us
Morels Found: O
False Morels Found: O
Other Mushrooms Found: 5
General Information: Found many other kinds including oysters,velvetfoot,aminitas,and turkey tails.But these were found by elms.WHAT KIND IS THIS CHRIS.
Comments: anytime you need help with identification, I need a pic that shows top and bottom of mushroom... this could be laccaria, or dozens of others...

Mushroom Report 2983

Name: Linder Clan
Location: Sherman
State / Country: TX
Morels Found: blonds and grays
General Information: My favorite spot that generally produces pretty good (for our area), hasn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t produced much yet. Hoping for a better haul in a week or so! But at least we found some!