By: Chris Matherly

Morel Mushroom Hunting Club

Newsletter October 2009

"Hen Of The Woods Foray in Minnesota"

What a wonderful and successful Foray! We found so many edibles! Giant Puffballs, Pear Shaped Puffballs, Honey Mushrooms, Chicken Of The Woods (both sulphereus and cinncinatus), Hen Of The Woods, Aborted Entalomas, Beef Steak Polypore, Oysters, Hypsizygus, Two kinds of Hericium, Velvet Foot, Fawn Mushroom, Chanterelles, and others...

Denny left, first time "Fall Mushroom Hunter", Gary right, getting better at his scientific names! LOL

The above photo is just the morning finds of the first day!

Jean and Misty with smiles!

David Fischer finds a true "Sheep's Head"!! This was an amazing mushroom!

All I can say is WOW!

Honestly David, I don't think I have ever seen you this happy! Pretty cool find!


Grilled hens! (and chicken)

More Hens in the afternoon...

Day Two Finds...Everyone got to take home several pounds of edibles!

Pickin and grinnin!

Slab of steak, or mushroom? Coolest mushroom, even had marbling!

Another nice Hen!

Chicken (cinncinatus)

Hericium Americanum

Aborted Entalomas I turned into:


Time for the feast!

Pasta infused with hens!

We have the best times on the forays, and getting to meet new friends and gain new ideas about mushrooms it is just a great time! This was a great group of people and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching you what I know about mushrooms, and cooking with mushrooms! Until next time... Happy Shrooming!

-Chris M

Bonus Feature:

In the member areas, I have the full length video to watch online of every foray. This time, I am including the movie for this foray on the newsletter for everyone to view!

Here is the link to watch: minnesota hen of the woods foray.wmv

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Hey Chris,

The education you gave ....  well - was "priceless". 
The food was  6 star, that is if 5 star is the top rating for a restaurant.   
Sorry you didn't have a "full house", their loss but our gain!!

Again, thanks for a memorable weekend!!

Fran Linder

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