Photo Of The Week Two Weeks Ago and Beyond....

Winner's Name: Dave Wasilewski

photo of the week guess: Boletus felleus... The Bitter Bolete. Sometimes
referred to as "Tylopilus felleus". These appear
to be young specimens. The tubes have not yet pinkish., photo of the week guess: tan or brown capped polypore

Judy Johnson,  photo of the week guess: Albatrellus ovinus or peckianus

Amy,  photo of the week guess: Polyporus Squamosus (drayad's saddle)

Peggy W., photo of the week guess: Dryad's Saddle

Henry Beach, photo of the week guess: sweet polypore

Well, I was looking for Polyporus Squamosus, but many  of you gave common names, all were on the right track!


Dave Wasilewski writes:  Black Trumpets. I cannot tell, from the photo, whether these are the white
spored or the salmon spored variety.

Jeff : Black Chanterelle

Judy Johnson : Black trumpet Craterellus fallax

John Sparkly: Craterellus fallax, delicious!!!!

You are all correct! Great!



Here were your guesses: 

Name: , Guess: puffball

Name: Miquel A. Pérez-De-Gregorio, Guess: Russula sp. (maybe R. lepida)

Name: Amy,  Guess: Russula rosacea

Name: Judy Johnson, Guess: Russula silvicola

Name:, Guess:  Fly Agar

Correct Answer: Russula silvicola



Hi Chris, it appears to be Boletus bicolor (The Two-colored Bolete) or a closely related species.  B. bicolor is a common, popular and often abundant (under oaks) delicious edible bolete featured in "Edible Wild Mushrooms of North America: A Field-to-kitchen Guide."
Best regards,

David W. Fischer
Coauthor, "Edible Wild Mushrooms of North America" and
"Mushrooms of Northeastern North America"



Here are all of the people who guessed on this one. (the majority of you did guess correctly as: old man of the woods/ strobilomyces floccopus)

Stever, photo of the week guess: old man of the woods/strobilomyces floccopus

David Wasilewski, photo of the week guess: This is probably "Old Man of the Woods". However,
it is difficult to rule out "False Old Man of the Woods". The latin names escape me.

Deb Phillips, photo of the week guess: Old Man of the Woods...Strobilomyces floccopus

Grant Lauzon,  photo of the week guess: If it has pores instead of gills then it's Old Man of the Woods, aka  Strobilomyces confusus

Forrest Brem, photo of the week guess: old man of the woods,  Photo of the week guess: Strobilomyces floccopus   "Old Man Of The Woods",  photo of the week guess: Strobilomyces floccopus (Old Man of the Woods)

Vallari,  photo of the week guess: Parasol Mushroom- sorry, wrong!

Marvin LaRock, photo of the week guess: common name is shaggy parasol- sorry- wrong!

Kenny Mahouski, photo of the week guess: Looks like "Old Man of the Woods" Strobilomces floccopus. 

Kylah Matherly, photo of the week guess: old man of the woods 

Bluesgirl, It was a Strobilomyces floccopus (old man of the woods)!

Kurt F. J. Heinrich, photo of the week guess: strobylomyces ?


I left this photo up for a month due to the large number of different answers, many slang names that are ok, but many are wrong answers. This is a true Morel, not a Verpa! I was looking for: Morchella semilibera or Half-Free Morel! -Chris M.

Marc Gebhard: Half-free Morel  Morchella semilibera

Casey Dunn:  verpa bohemica

Charlie Landgrebe: dog pecker

Me2CutieUC: 1/2 Morel

jackie:  pecker head

Cary Fife:  Half free Morel, Morchella Semilibera

Matt Reade:  caninus penis

Sean Kurfman:  Half-Free Morel (Morchella hybrida)

Steve Greenwald:  Dogpecker, Spike, Snake Head, Half-free Morel (Morchella semilibera)

Cindy Koons:  half false morel

ron edwards:  verpa conica

Darrell Williams:  half free

laura:  known in my area as a spike, or "dog pecker"

sharon weinstein:  Bottle Cap Morrell

Eric johnson:  dog pecker

lennie strong:  "dog dick",half-free morel,morchella semilibera DC. ex Fr.

Elaine Toles:  halffree  morel mushroom  we also call them spikes

Brad Snapp:  Half Free

Nate MacKellar:  False Morel

randy:  morel

Richard Haper:  Half-Free Morel or peckerhead Morchella semilibera

Judy Johnson:  Half-free morel, Morchella semilibera

troy osborn:  long stem

Bev MacQuire:  We've always called these "Pecker Heads"

Carl Orr:  Verpa Bohemica

Miquel A. Pérez-De-Gregorio:  Morchella (Mitrophora) semilibera

Sunil Bahadur Kamal:  Morchella

Chris Compton:  Half-Free Morel

chris sleigh:  early morel

Heidi Aultman:  Morchella semilibera or PeckerHead

Jim Christou:  Mitrophora semilibera

Derrick Ramsey:  it's a baby morel mushroom

teresa lyons:  half-free molel, peckerhead, cows'heads, morchella semilibera

pauline:  Early Morel (Verpa bohemica)

Mike:  half-free morel

peppertop mushroom:  pepper top mushroom

Craig Moran:  Morchella Semilibera or Half-free

nate: dog pecker

Craig Dieckman:  Half-Free Morel or Morchella semilibera

Robbie:  Snake Head

Jim Goodall: Half-Cap Morel - Morchella Semilibera


Many of you guessed this correctly. Here are some of it's names: White Morel, Yellow Morel, Moral, Morel, Yellow Sponge, Dry Land Fish, and  the a few got scientific..... Morchella esculenta, but I am giving this a more accurate name of Morchella deliciosa! -Chris M.


Photo by Paul King, from Switzerland

Here are the responses: (all correct)!!

1st: Name: Miquel A. Pérez-De-Gregorio,  photo of the week guess: Helvella crispa
,  Name: Fluted White Helvella

Name: Alfons, photo of the week guess: Helvella crispa

Chris, We had plenty of those this past fall but I have noticed local genetics have them much darker. Hope all is well. 

Randy Marchand, Hooded Heleva,  Name: helvella crispa


Two winners this week (for common names)

Allen Ballard

photo of the week guess: black cup fungi

Fred Weddington

photo of the week guess: devil's cup


Many of you guessed this one correctly or closely:

Name: Kirk Kozak, photo of the week guess: aminita cesara

Name: Tim Geho, photo of the week guess: amanita jacksonii

Name: Jean Pierre Barbarre, photo of the week guess: Amanita Caesarea

Name: John S. Thompson, photo of the week guess: American Ceasar (Amanitia)

Can we go into specifics? In Europe, this is called Amanita Caesarea. In the US, it is slightly a different species. Tim Geho, a long time member wrote me: Chris, You failed to mention the correct name of last weeks mushroom of the week. I believe most people would want to know what was formerly known as Amanita Cesarea has been renamed Amanita Jacksonii due to differences between it and the European variety. Keep up the good work with the web site. 
Tim Geho


We have a stumper! I have had no one to come forth with a good name for these large clumps yet.


Many of you guessed correctly- Cantherellus cinibaranus


Black Cup Fungi has the correct answer: