State By State Listing Of Good Places To Hunt

This will be quite extensive, listing national parks, state parks and forests, and other places that are know to produce Morels. We have a lot of members that haven't been able to find any Morels for years. Hopefully this will get them going in the right direction. Everyone has their "secret" honey-holes, and don't expect anyone to divulge those areas, this will be a general listing not specific. ( I would rather just go ahead and FED-EX some morels to somebody as opposed to giving out my honey-hole!)

This page will take quite awhile to build, so understand that I am just getting started!

Rule #1: Before you go to a State or National Park to pick mushrooms, make sure that it is allowed to do so!

Rule #2: If you are going to hunt on private property, make sure you have permission, I wouldn't want you to get shot!

Here are two reports I picked up from the National Parks Dept. Very interesting! :

98-389 - Lassen Volcanic NP (CA) - Follow-up: Resource Violations and Arrests

On the evening of July 10th, the ranger at Butte Lake heard gunfire coming

from the south end of the lake. He went to the area the next day and located

a well-concealed campsite in close proximity to the site of last year's

Huffer fire. Nearby were about 300 morel mushrooms drying on a tarp.

Rangers conducted surveillance of the camp and subsequently contacted and

arrested Cheap Yoeun and Trenton Valvo, both from Bend, Oregon. Seized were

about 3,500 morel mushrooms, weapons, and a small quantity of a controlled

substance. Valvo appeared in district court on December 15th and pled guilty

to violations of 16 USC 204(c) (protection of property and plants) and 36 CFR

2.1(c)(3)(v) (preservation of natural resources, sale or commercial use of

natural resources). He was fined $500 for each violation, placed on a year's

probation and banned from the park for a year. During the investigation,

rangers determined that Valvo had been querying NICC reports to determine the

location of large wildland or prescribed fires. Mushroom pickers target

these areas, as the morel mushroom can be found in large quantities during

the first growing season after a fire. [Bryan Swift, CR, LAVO, 1/5]

And another:

(c)(1-2) Reasonable quantities of the following may be gathered for personal use and on-site consumption while within Grand Canyon National Park:

Pinyon pine nuts



Torcini and morel mushrooms

Other naturally occurring edible fruits/nuts

Conclusion on the above? Just be sure and don't assume!

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