How To Prepare Morels

      Bring them home and thoroughly wash them. I like to soak them for at least a short time in salt water. This brings out the bugs, they float to the top, then just rinse them off. Some people like to not use salt water, so that they can "plant" the spores on their  own spots. Slice them in half, as they are hollow, and there may be a snail or something else unpleasant inside.

Include your children in the hunting experience.

      Now they are ready for you to cook them how ever you like best. My simple favorite is dip them in flour and fry them in butter. Add a little salt and taste the out of this world delight. Better than a juicy grilled steak! This is also a good way to freeze them. Just let them cool after you have fried them, bag them in zip lock freezer bags, and then put them in the freezer for up to a year. Then when you want some, place them on a cookie sheet, just as you would onion rings, and preheat oven to 350, ready in 10 minutes. They taste just like you found them today!

Fried Morels....Wow!

Nothing like a mushroom camp-out, and frying them fresh over a camp fire!