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Complete Scientific List (alphabetical):

Please Note: I have almost daily been adding new species to this list. I am creating each individual webpage per species, and adding the photos that I have in my files (and taking new photos daily). As time progresses, I will be going back and adding descriptions, links, etc. for each species, so check back often. This has been the single most excessive time consuming project that I have done here on the internet. I hope you enjoy the photos. - Chris M

Also Note: Pictures are often extremely difficult to make a positive ID on because there are so many look-alikes and so much variance within a species that it makes the task not much more than an educated guess at best ( at least with most species anyhow), especially Amanitas, Russulas, and some Lactarius. These would require a microscope in most cases to view the spore shape and other factors to correctly ID them. Some mushrooms you can make an accurate ID with a photo. This site is to get you going in the right direction!



Agaricus Species (Horse Mushroom)(Group)

Amanitas (Death Caps, Destroying Angels, Ceasars)(Group)

Boletes- Mushrooms With Pores, Not Gills- (Group)

Chanterelles- (Group)

Coprinus, (Shaggy Manes, Ink Caps)(Group)

Coral Mushrooms(Group)


Cup Fungi(Group)

False Morels(Group)

Jelly Fungus(Group)

Lepiotas, Parasols(Group)

Milky Mushrooms (Lactarius)(Group)

Molds/ Slimes(Group)


Parasitic Plants (Group)



Shelf-Type Mushrooms, Polypores, Oysters(Group)

Stinkhorns (Group)(Group)

Toothed Mushrooms(Group)

Waxy Caps(Group)



Agaricus augustus

Agaricus arvensis

Agaricus bitorquis

Agaricus campestris

Agaricus campestris var. squamulosus

Agaricus diminutivus

Agaricus placomyces

Agaricus praeclaresquamosus

Agaricus slyvaticus


Agaricus xanthodermoides

Agrocybe aegerita

Agrocybe semiorbicularis


Albatrellus cristatus

Albatrellus confluens New November 2009!

Albatrellus flettii New October 2009!


Amanitas (Death Caps, Destroying Angels, Ceasars)

Amanita Misc.

Amanita abrupta

Amanita agglutinata

Amanita atkinsoniana

Amanita banningiana

Amanita Berkshire (Blue) New July 2010!

Amanita bisporigera

Amanita brunnescens

Amanita caesarea Group

Amanita canescens

Amanita ceciliae sensu auct. amer.

Amanita cinereoconia

Amanita citrina (sensu auct. amer.)  


Amanita crenulata

Amanita coprinoides

Amanita daucipes

Amanita elongata

Amanita flavoconia

Amanita flavoconia Var. Amber


Amanita franchetii

Amanita fulva



Amanita jacksonii

Amanita levistriata

Amanita species of subsect. Limbatulae

Amanita longipes

Amanita muscaria

Amanita muscaria Amanita muscaria
subsp. flavivolvata Singer, A. muscaria var. persicina

Amanita muscaria var. guessowii

Amanita mutabilis

Amanita pantherina

Amanita pantherina var. velatipes

Amanita parcivolvata New Photo July 2009!

Amanita phalloides

Amanita polypyramis

Amanita regalis

Amanita rhopalopus

Amanita roseitincta

Amanita rubescens (sensu auct. amer. orient)

Amanita sinicoflava( A. Fulva)

Amanita smithiana New October 2011!

Amanita spissa New Species July 2010!

Amanita spreta

Amanita spretella

Amanita tephrea

Amanita virosa

Amanita Vittadiniae

Amanita Unclassified-1

Amanita Unclassified-2

Anthurus archeri

Anthurus sp

Anthurus Sp. 2

Armillariella mellea

Armillariella tabescens

Ascocoryne sarcoides

Aseröe rubra

Auricularia auricula-judae

Boletes- Mushrooms With Pores, Not Gills- (Group)

Boletellus ananas

Boletellus betula

Boletellus chrysenteroides

Boletinellus merulioides

Boletellus russellii

Boletus aereus New July 2010!

Boletus aestivalis New July 2010!

Boletus affinis

Boletus affinis var. 'maculosus' New July 2010!

Boletus auriflammeus New Amazing Bolete- New July 2010!


Boletus auriporus New September 2011!

Boletus badius

Boletus Barrowsii


Boletus bicolor var. borealis

Boletus chromapes

Boletus Chrysenteron

Boletus curtisii

Boletus edulis

Boletus erythropus New July 2010!

Boletus fraternus

Boletus frostii

Boletus queletii var. lateritius


Boletus hemichrysus



Boletus longacurvipes


Boletus mirabilis New October 2009!

Boletus nobilis

Boletus ornatipes

Boletus pallidus

Boletus piedmontensis

Boletus pruinatus

Boletus pseudosulphureus

Boletus queletii var. lateritius New Species July 2009!


Boletus retipes

Boletus rhodopurpureus New Species July 2009!

Boletus rhodoxanthus

Boletus satanas New Photo July 2010!

Boletus sensibilis

Boletus Seperans

Boletus subcaerulescens

Boletus subtomentosus



Boletus variipes

Boletus versicolor

Bondarzewia berkeleyi

Bondarzewia montana



Calostoma cinnabarina

Calostoma lutescens

Calocera cornea  

Calvatia booniana

Calvatia craniiformis

Calvatia cyathiformis

Calvatia gigantea

Calvatia Sculpta

Cantharellus amethysteus

Cantharellus appalachiensis

Cantharellus atrolilacinus

Cantharellus cibarius

Cantharellus cibarius var. amethysteus

Cantharellus cibarius var. albiceps

Cantharellus cinnabarinus

Cantharellus cinereus

Cantharellus clavatus

Cantharellus confluens

Cantharellus ignicolor

Cantharellus infundibuliformis

Cantharellus lateritius

Cantharellus lutescens

Cantharellus melanoxeros

Cantharellus minor

Cantharellus pallens

Cantharellus persicinus

Cantharellus subalbidus

Cantharellus tubaeformus

Cantharellus Sp.

Cantharellus unknown


Cantharellus wellingtonensis

Catathelasma ventricosa

Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa New July 2010!



Chalciporus rubinellus

Chanterelles- (Group)

Chlorophyllum molybdites

Clathrus cancellatus

Clathrus columnatus

Clathrus ruber

Clavaria vermicularis

Clavicorona pyxidata

Clavaria Kunzei 

Clavaria rubicundula

Clavaria zollingeri

Clavariadelphus ligula


Clavariadelphus truncatus

Clavulina amethystina New Photos July 2010!



Clavulinopsis aurantio-cinnabarina  

Clavulinopsis corniculata


Climacodon septentrionale

Clitocybe clavipes 

Clitocybe gibba

Clitocybe eccentrica

Clitocybe inversa

Clitocybe irina

Clitocybe nuda

Collybia alkalivirens

Collybia drophila

Collybia iocephala

Collybia maculata

Collybia radicata

Coltricia cinnamomea

Conopholis americana


Coprinus comatus

Coprinus disseminatus New Photo July 2009!

Coprinus lagopus


Coprinus natural

Coprinus plicatilis

Coprinus quadrifidus New Photo July 2009!

Coprinus sterquilinus

Coprinus stercoreus 

Cordyceps capitata

Cordyceps militaris

Cortinarius alboviolaceus  



Cortinarius delibutus

Cortinarius distans

Cortinarius iodes

Cortinarius marylandensis

Cortinarius mucosus 

Cortinarius semisanguineus

Cortinarius subpulchrifolius

Cortinarius violaceus

Craterellus calyculus

Craterellus cinereus  

Craterellus cornucopioides

Craterellus fallax


Craterellus odoratus

Crepidotus applanatus

Cricibulum leave




Cyptotrama asprata

Cyttaria darwinii

Dacrymyces palmatus

Dictyophora cinnabarina

Dictyophora duplicata

Dictyophora indusiata

Ductifera pululahuana

Earth Stars

Entoloma abortivum

Entoloma murraii


Entoloma sinuatum

Entoloma strictus

Entoloma vernum

Epifagus virginiana

Exidia plana

Exidia sp.

Fairy Ring

Fistulina hepatica

Flammulina velutipes

Fomitopsis pinicola

Fuligo septica

Galerina autumnalis


Gallacea scleroderma


Ganoderma curtisii


Geastrum badium

Geastrum saccatum

Geoglossum cookeianum

Gerronema strombodes

Gloeophyllum sepiarium 

Gomphidius glutinosus

Gomphidius subroseus New October 2011!

Gomphus bonarii

Gomphus clavatus New Photos October 2009!

Gomphus floccosus

Gomphus fujisanensis

Gomphus pallidus

Gomphus purpuraceus

Grifola frondosa

Gymnopus dryophilus

Gymnopilus junonius

Gymnopilus luteofolius

Gymnopilus luteus

Gymnopilus penetrans



Gyrodon merulioides

Gyromitra  brunnea

Gyromitra californica

Gyromitra Caroliniana

Gyromitra esculenta

Gyromitra fastigiata

Gyromitra gigas

Gyromitra infula

Gyromitra Korfii

Gyromitra tasmanica

Gyroporus castaneus

Gyroporus cyanescens

Gyroporus purpurinus

Hebeloma crustuliniforme

Hebeloma sinapizans

Helvella acetabulum

Helvella californica

Helvella crispa


Helvella esculenta

Helvella infula

Helvella lacunosa


Helvella macropus

Helvella queletii



Hericium coralloides var. Rosea New!! September 2009!

Hericium erinaceus

Hericium ramosum


Hydnopolyporus palmatus

Hydnum albidum

Hydnum imbicatum

Hydnellum peckii

Hydnellum regium 

Hydnum repandum

Hydnum umbilicatum

Hygrocybe borealis

Hygrocybe cantharellus

Hygrocybe fuliginata

Hygrocybe fuscoaurantiaca

Hygrocybe nitida

Hygrocybe perplexa

Hygrocybe rubrocarnosa

Hygrocybe spadicea

Hygrocybe subminiata

Hygrocybe unguinosa


Hygrophorus chrysodon

Hygrophorus coccineus

Hygrophorus conicus

 Hygrophorus eburneus

Hygrophorus flavescens

Hygrophorus fuligineus


Hygrophorus pudorinus

Hygrophorus (Camarophyllus) pratensis

Hygrophorus russula

Hygrophorus sordidus

Hygrophorus tennesseensis

Hypholoma sublateritium

Hypomyces chrysospermus

Hypomeces hyalinus

Hypomyces lactifluorum

 Hypomyces Species?

Hypomyces luteovirens

Hypsizygus tessulatus

Hypsizygus ulmarius

Ileodictyon cibarium


Ischnoderma resinosum

Jansia borneensis f. aurantiacus

Jelly Fungi(Group)


Laccaria proxima

Laccaria ochropurpurea

Lactarius allardii

Lactarius chelidonium

Lactarius corrugis

Lactarius croceus

Lactarius deceptivus

Lactarius deliciosa

Lactarius helvus

Lactarius hygrophoroides

Lactarius indigo  New Photo July 2010!

Lactarius paradoxus

Lactarius piperatus

Lactarius pyrogalus 

Lactarius rufus

Lactarius salmoneus

 Lactarius semisanguilfluus

Lactarius serifluus

Lactarius sordidus

Lactarius subplinthogalus

Lactarius subpurpureus

Lactarius thyinos

Lactarius unknown

Lactarius unknown-a

Lactarius unknown_b

Lactarius uvidus

Lactarius volemus

Lactarius yazooensis

Lactarius zonarius


Laetiporus conifericola

Laetiporus sulphureus

Laricifomes officinalis

Laternea dringii


Leccinum griseum

Leccinum insigne

Leccinum manzanitae

Leccinum oxydabile


Lentinus lepideus

Lentinus Ponderosus

Lentinus strigosus New July 2010!

Lentinus tigrinus New August 2009!

Lentinus torulosus

Lentinellus cochleatus

Lentinellus ursinus

Lenzites betulina

Leotia atrovirens


Leotia_viscosa New Photo September 2009!

Lepiota acutesquamosa

Lepiota americana

  Lepiota aspera see: Lepiota acutesquamosa

Lepiota cepaestipes


Lepiota lutea

Lepiota naucina

Lepiota procera

Lepiota pseudohelveola

Lepiota rachodes

Lepiota rubrotincta

Lepiota sp. unknown

Lepista nuda


Leucangium carthusianum

Leucoagaricus naucina

Leucocoprinus cepaestipes

Leucocoprinus fragillissimus

Lycogala epidendrum

Lycoperdon perlatum

Lycoperdon pulcherrimum

Lycoperdon pyriforme

Lyophyllum decastes

Lysurus borealis

Lysurus cruciatus

Lysurus gardneri

Lysurus mokusin

Macrocybe titans new October 2011!

Macrolepiota rachodes


Marasmius oreades



Marasmius siccus

Megacollybia platyphylla

Meripilus giganteus

Meripilus Sp. Unknown

Merulius incarnatus

Microglossum rufum

Micromphale foetidum

Microstoma_floccosa New Photo July 2010!

Monotropa uniflora

Morchella angusticeps

Morchella esculenta

Morchella deliciosa

Morchella rufobrunnea

Morchella semilibera

Morchella sp.- "Blackfoot"  

Morchella sp.- "Fire Burn"  

Mutinus borneensis

Mutinus caninus

Mutinus elegans

Mutinus Species Unknown New September 2009!


Mycena epipterygia


Mycena haematopus

Mycena leaiana

Mycena lux-coeli Glow in the dark! New July 2009!

Naematoloma fasciculare

Naematolma sublateritium

Oligoporus caesius

Omphalina strombodes  

Omphalotus nidiformis  Luminescent

Omphalotus olearius  

Omphalotus olivascens

Otidea leporina

Otidea onotica

Oudemansiella radicata

Panaeolus semiovatus var. phalaenarum

Panellus serotinus

Panellus stipticus

Paxillus atrotomemtosus

Paxillus panuoides

Panaeolus foenisecii

Phaeolus schweinitzii

Phallus hadriani

Phallus impudicus

Phallus revenelii

Phallus rubicundus New Photos July 2009!

Phellorinia Strobilina (very rare)

Phlebia incarnata

Phellinus gilvus  

Pholiota Aurivella  

Pholiota squarrosa

Pholiota terrestris  

Pholisma arenarium (new 1-30-12!)

Phylogiotis helvelloides  

Phylloporus leucomycelinus

Phylloporus rhodoxanthus

Phyllotopsis nidulans

Physarum polycephalum

Piptopotus betulinus

Pisolithus tinctorius

Pleurocybella porrigens New October 2009!

Pleurotus dryinus

Pleurotus nidfformis -Luminescent

Pleurotus ostreatus

Pleurotus sapidus

Pluteus admirabilis

Pluteus aurantiorugosus

Pluteus cervinus

Pluteus flavofuligineus

Pluteus longistriatus

Pluteus pellitus

Pluteus salicinus

Podaxis pistillaris New October 2009!


Polyporus fagicola  

Polyporus radicatus

Polyporus squamosus

Polyporus various  

Polyozellus multiplex Blue Chanterelle

Psathyrella candolleana

Psathyrella delineata

Psathyrella echiniceps New Species July 2010!


Psathyrella velutina

Pseudocolus fusiformis

Pseudocolus javanicus

Pseudocolus schellenbergiae

Psilocybe coprophila

Psilocybe cyanescens

Psilocybe Sp.

Psilocybe Squamosa

Pulcherricium caeruleum



Ramaria stricta  

Ramaria subbotrytis

Ramariopsis kunzie

Rhodotus palmatus New Photo July 2009!

Rozites caperata

Russula aeruginea

Russula albidula

Russula albidula Var. Pink Kissed

Russula amoenolens

Russula balloui

Russula brevipes

Russula compacta

Russula crustosa

Russula Crustosa Var. Brown

Russula Crustosa Var. Tan

Russula cyanoxantha

Russula decolorans  

Russula emetica


Russula heterophylla New Species July 2010!

Russula krombholzii

Russula lutea

Russula mariae

Russula nigricans


Russula pelactia  

Russula rosea

Russula variata

Russula vesca New Species July 2010!

Russula virescens

Sarcoscypha coccinea New Species July 2010!



Schizophyllum commune  

Scleroderma cepa

Scleroderma citrinum

Scutellinia scutellata

Sebacina incrustans  

Sparassis herbstii

Sparassis spathulata

Spathularia velutipes

Steccherinum ochraceum  

Stinkhorns (Group)

Strobilomyces confusus

Strobilomyces dyrophilus

Strobilomyces  floccopus

Stropharia ambigua


Stropharia melanosperma

Stropharia hornemannii (New January 30th, 2012!)

Stropharia rugoso-annulata

Suillus americanus

Suillus brevipes


Suillus granulatus  

Suillus lactifluus  

Suillus luteus

Suillus pictus


Suillus salmonicolor

Suillus spragueii  


Tapinella atromentosus  

Thelephora palmata  

Thelephora vialis  

Trametes hirsuta   

Trametes versicolor

Tremella concrescens

Tremella foliacea

Tremella fuciformis

Tremella mesinterica


Tremiscus helvelloides

Trichaptum biformis

Trichoglossum hirsutum

Tricholoma caligatum

Tricholoma flavovirens

Tricholoma gausapatum New Species July 2010!

Tricholoma ponderosa

Tricholoma portentosum

Tricholoma sejunctum

Tricholoma scalpturatum New Species July 2010!

Tricholoma viridi-olivaceum

Tricholomopsis platyphylla

Trichlomopsis rutilans

Tuber Canaliculatum

Tuber Oregonese  

Tubifera_ferruginosa New Photo July 2009!

Tylopilus alboater

Tylopilus alboater species? 

Tylopilus ballouii


Tylopilus conicus

Tylopilus gracilis

Tylopilus fellus

Tylopilus indecisus

Tylopilus intermedius


Tylopilus porphyrosporus


Tylopilus tabacinus

Tylopilus violotinctus

Tyromyces caesius

Ustilago maydis

Ustulina deusata  

Vararia investiens

Verpa conica

Verpa digitaliformis

Verpa bohemica

Vibrissea albofusca

Vibrissea truncorum 

Volvariella bombycina

Volvariella pusilla

Volvariella volvacea  

Weraroa erythrocephala

Weraroa virescens

Wolfina aurantia

Wrightoporia subrutilans

Wynnea americana

Wynnea sparassoides

Xanthoconium affine


Xanthoconium [boletus] separans


Xeromphalina cauticinalis 


Xerula megalospora

Xerula radicata

Xerula rubrobrunnescens

Xylaria anisopleaura

Xylaria apiculata

Xylaria cornu-damae

Xylaria filiformis


Xylaria longipes 

Xylaria magnoliae

Xylaria molleroclavis

Xylaria polymorpha

Zelleromyces cinnabarinus