When To Find Morels

Go to Flora for photos of trees and plants that are blooming the same time Morels should be popping!

     Morels can be found as early as February in the deep South, and as late as July in the most northern areas or high elevations. There are some who even find them into September in the Western States in burn-areas. There are exceptions to this, however, such as reports of finding them in January in certain parts of wine country in California, or even finding them in the fall? One report claims of finding Morchella esculenta in late November in central Texas. This is a very rare situation, but I always thought it was possible.

     Morels are known as an early spring mushroom, usually one of the first mushrooms to be found. Some of the first things to look for are the Redbud trees beginning to bloom, Oak tree leaves just beginning to pop open from the bud, Dodwood trees budding for bloom, Mayapple plants in the woods popping up, Trillium & Bloodroot wildflowers beginning to bloom, or Apple trees in bloom.

     Morels like a cold-snap, after it has been warm for a short while. They also like lots of moisture. A prime situation would be to spot some of the signs listed above, along with a few days of warm weather, such as 70's during the day, and 50's at night, then a sharp cold snap, not freezing though, followed by lots of rain, then a quick warm-up. The initial warm days will start them going, the cold snap and moisture will keep them growing slowly, and the quick warm-up will make the fruits explode! (pop-up everywhere).

Nothing like a mushroom camp-out, and frying them fresh over a camp fire!