Where to find Morels Geographically

     Morels can be found in most any State, however, the Southern States may be a rarity. The Eastern U.S., mid-Western States from about Kentucky Northward, and the Plains States Oklahoma, Nebraska, etc, are probably the most common areas to find Morels. The Western States are a possibility, especially in the higher elevations, as long as you are on the "right" side of the mountain, with lots of moisture. The Pacific Northwest is another good area with the cooler temperatures, and abundant rainfall.

     Morels need a winter with some freezing temps to stimulate their mycelium in the growing process. That is why I believe, but as of yet have no real proof, only hear-say stories, of Morels being found in the South, such as Florida. It does freeze briefly in North Florida so I thing it may be possible. In Georgia, you can definitely find them in the North-Eastern part of the State, in the southern part of the Appalachians. I have found them personally as far south as Warner Robins, Georgia, and currently have an annual Foray in Jasper County, Georgia NE of Macon. In South Carolina , you can find them especially in the North Western part, inland.  In Alabama, they are especially in the North. Texas, in the pan-handle. New Mexico, in the mountainous areas with higher elevations and abundant rainfall. The same probably goes for Arizona, but I have no real reports from here. California area would be central to north, or in the higher elevations. Nevada is unknown, as I have no one at all to submit me info from this area. The remainder of States, they should be nearly wide- spread, all the way into Northern Canada and Alaska. I do now have documentation of Morels even being found in Maui, and the Big Island of Hawaii! 

     It is one of my goals to have documented reports of people finding Morels in every State, as I believe that they should be there, even in locations in the deep South. Please, I encourage you to send us a photo of you with your find, your name, and an approximate location, and date found, especially if you found Morels in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, New Mexico, Nevada, or Arizona.

Nothing like a mushroom camp-out, and frying them fresh over a camp fire!